COVID-19 and Migrant Workers’ Rights: Executive Summary Report & Podcast Series
Posted on July 4, 2021
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The executive summary of “Repression and Resilience: COVID-19 Response Measures and Migrant Workers’ Rights in Major East and Southeast Destinations” (2020) is now available.

This summary provides overviews of COVID-19 response measures and common impacts on and challenges faced by migrant workers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, their patterns and structural issues as well as summaries of each destination based on a research conducted between June and November 2022.

Together with the “Proposed Guideline to Protect Migrant Workers’ Rights during Public Health Crisis,” this executive summary provides an overview of the impact of the initial stage of COVID-19 pandemic and important suggestions for more inclusive response measures and equitable recovery process. 

I’Migrant Podcast by BEBESEA released a series “COVID-19 and Migrant Workers” consisting of seven episodes inviting field researchers from Repression and Resilience report to discuss their own experiences of migration, working with migrant communities and participating in this joint research as well as some recent update on the pandemic situation in their respective locations. I’Migrant Podcast joined HAMBURGER Podcast by HRGW sharing about the series. You can listen to this episode on HAMBURGER here.

Download the full report “Repression and Resilience”: here

Written by Bebesea

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