“Collaboration Is the Key”: The Fruits of Co-learning through the Cross-Regional Youth Academy on Migrant Rights
Posted on October 22, 2021
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“I enjoyed the fact that all individuals were open to thoughts and ideas during discussions, which clearly showcases BEBESEA’s hand-picked selections with diversity in backgrounds and areas that were prioritised.”

On 15-17 October, 2021, BEBESEA organized and hosted the Cross-Regional Youth Academy on Migrant Rights with 26 participants in and from East and Southeast Asia (14 countries of residence and 13 countries of origin). The participants include students, journalists, film makers, and those who work for the private sectors, local governments, national and local NGOs, and an international organisation. They were selected from almost 120 applicants.  

This program, including a film-screening as a pre-event on 14 October, consisted of a series of activities such as panel discussions and workshops, where participants directly heard from and discuss with migrant workers, advocates, leaders and practitioners from the civil society, media, government and businesses in order to develop knowledge on migrant workers’ rights and to build networks of solidarity.

During this academy, the participants collectively worked on developing cross-regional statements and recommendations for existing international frameworks including East Asia Summit, Global Compact for Migration as well as ASEAN (+3). These statements and recommendations will be published in due course. The participants and the secretariat also brainstormed ideas for future joint activities utilizing the network established through the academy to further initiate the cross-regional human rights advocacy through BEBESEA platforms. 

Congratulations and thank you to all the participants!

Special thanks to all the speakers and facilitators (in order of appearance); 

Indra <Media PILAR Committee>, Bimoe <Media PILAR Committee>, Fifi Ng <migrant solidarity committee of autonomous 8a>, Eni Lestari <Chairperson, International Migrants Alliance / IMA>, Wasinee Pabuprapap <Digital Journalist, WorkpointTODAY>, Junko Watanabe <Lawyer, Nishimura & Asahi>, Judha Nugraha <Director for the Protection of Citizens and Legal Entities Overseas, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia>, Adeline Tinessia <University of Sydney, Australia>, Pamungkas Ayudhaning Dewanto <PhD Candidate, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam>, Rafendi Djamin <Senior Advisor, HRWG>, Yllang Montenegro <Founder of Empowerment Through Art>, Naoko Sunai <PhD candidate at Laval University and Journalist>, Lennon Ying-Dah Wong <Director, Department of Policies on Migrant Workers, Serve the People Association /SPA>

This academy was made possible with generous support of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

“Overall, what I enjoyed most about the academy is the relevance of the issues presented from varying perspectives- social, policy, cultural etc., I also really enjoyed being able to hear from a wide range of points of view considering the diversity among the participants pool. One thing that I would say is quite remarkable about this academy compared to previous online schools I have attended (e.g. Summer School and Workshops) is that the participants’ composition included experts in terms of field knowledge or professional experience, but also those with lived expertise from their own stories of migration.“

“I also appreciate how, on the third day, I was introduced to the difficulties that Vietnamese migrant workers face in Japan, as well as the religious involvement in assisting these people. These insights are extremely beneficial. What I like best about this academy is that I’m learning things I’ve never heard of and getting to meet so many new and wonderful people.”

“Collaboration is the key”.


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