Strengthening Health Protection for Migrant Workers in East and Southeast Asia: A Three Case Analysis (March 2022)
Posted on March 10, 2022
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We are delighted to launch our latest publication “Strengthening Health Protection for Migrant Workers in East and Southeast Asia: A Three Case Analysis”, a report written by Adeline Danielle Tinessia, our lead researcher for one of the thematic studies conducted by BEBESEA in 2021. 

Download “Strengthening Health Protection for Migrant Workers in East and Southeast Asia: A Three Case Analysis”

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the health for all is paramount. This is especially the case for migrant workers who historically have been afforded less access, if at all, to healthcare in the countries of destination. While a number of studies have been conducted on migrants’ experiences in accessing health systems and the transnational process in several geographical areas, including Europe and South America, a focus on specifically receiving and sending countries in East and Southeast Asia is lacking. Thus, there is a need to understand better how migrants within East and Southeast Asia are accessing (or not accessing) health systems to better advocate for migrants in the region. Transportability of social protection, specifically with health, however, is not a new phenomenon. Scholars have noted that North-North migrants, predominantly in Europe, have enjoyed access to and portability of social rights. Thus, a question must be asked: why is this not replicated in East and Southeast Asia?

In 2021, BEBESEA focused on advocating social protection and eliminating excessive placement and recruitment fees of migrant workers in our cross-regional advocacy work, following up the study conducted in 2020 (Report – “Repression and Resilience: COVID-19 Response Measures and Migrant Workers’ Rights in Major East and Southeast Destinations”). This report is a product of our intention in calling for a stronger human rights foundation to be developed as the basis of labour cooperation between countries and regions. Findings and recommendations suggested by the two thematic studies are tools of engagement among multi-stakeholders to improve the human rights protection for migrant workers and strengthen a cross-regional cooperation. 

Voicesea Podcast episode “Two Years into Pandemic: Time to Work on Universal Health Coverage for Migrant Workers” is joined by Adeline Tinessia explaining about this research and key findings.

The research was conducted in partnership with Human Rights Working Group Indonesia (HRWG) and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF).


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