BEBESEA Monthly Newsletter #12 – February 2023 (02/02/2023)
Posted on February 2, 2023
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This is a monthly update from BEBESEA to our valuable friends, colleagues and resource persons who have participated in and supported our activities.

News from BEBESEA:

Call for Input!  Workshop on Co-creation Joint Response: BEBESEA would like to invite our networks to join an online discussion to contribute their experience, knowledges and ideas to our joint response to the call for input by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants on Tuesday 7th February from 1pm to 3pm (GMT+7). This discussion’s aim is to compile our answers to questions addressed by the Special Rapporteur. Check BEBESEA Website to explore more about how to participate!

VOICESEA Podcast: BEBESEA with Benni Yusriza, Researcher from Paramadina University, sat together in a discussion of the vulnerability, violations, and “unfortunate” situation of the workers in sea-based workplace. Listen to the full episode on our Spotify or Anchor

Joint-Statement: In commemoration of the 2nd year of Myanmar’s attempted coup and people’s struggle, we, alongside with a number of civil society organizations, call for the Indonesian government to implement a cohesive and consistent policy and approach to not legitimize Myanmar junta in ASEAN. Read more about the statement here.

News from Our Network

Featured Article: BEBESEA Academy Alumnus, Ratih Kabinawa, alongside BEBESEA Researcher, Pamungkas A. Dewanto, contributed their collaboration on an Article “Indonesia gets the ball rolling on domestic worker rights (The Interpreter)” talking about the importance to legislate informal workforce, such as domestic workers, in more countries across the globe. The article is written with the context of the endorsement of the Domestic Worker Protection Bill by Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo, in an effort to accelerate its enactment.

If you have any resources or events you would like BEBESEA to share widely, please do get in touch!


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