BEBESEA is a cross-regional network and platform advocating migrants, their families and supporters in/from East and Southeast Asia to share ideas and resources on migration and cross-cutting human rights issues.

Share, connect and collaborate: BEBESEA initiative is aimed at building stronger network and collaboration among individuals and civil society actors in/from East and Southeast Asia cross-regionally to advocate for better protection of human rights and inclusive and safe governance of migration.

BEBESEA is a network of organisations and individuals advocating for rights of migrants in and from East and Southeast Asia as well as cross-cutting/intersectional human rights issues in the regions.

The development of this network started in 2018 and the first co-creating workshop was held in 2019 in Bangkok, where civil society actors from East and Southeast Asia gathered to share knowledge and experience and brainstormed the ideas for cross-regional advocacy work. BEBESEA works on research and knowledge building, content production for awareness raising, regional advocacy and campaigns, and continues to expand the network of solidarity among multi-stakeholders across the regions.

Anyone is welcome to join our interactive facebook group for exchanges of information and resources as well as discussions on any related issues.

This website serves as a depository of resources on migration and related human rights issues in East and Southeast Asia, particularly of local civil society initiatives. 

Follow our social media platforms @bebeseaorg for latest information and updates. BEBESEA also host  Voicesea Podcast available on major podcast platforms. 

The secretariat is currently hosted by Human Rights Working Group Indonesia (HRWG) with the support of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF).

“We strive to build a society where human rights of migrants and their families are upheld, respected, protected and fulfilled regardless of their race, nationalities, gender, age, and administrative/immigration statuses.”